Practice and Review for the Mathematics Placement Exams


The links shown below will open practice exams for the various mathematics placement exams. You may take each practice exam as many times as you like (the questions will be different each time, but similar). Answers and detailed solutions are included.

These practice exams are designed to help you review for the placement exam, and also to find the appropriate level of placement exam that you should take. Each of the first four exams below has 30 questions, and the passing score is 21. Therefore, if you score significantly higher than 21 on a particular practice exam, you may want to try the next higher level exam. If you score significantly lower than 21, even after several attempts, you may want to try the next lower level exam.

Note: The practice exams require the use of certain web browsers, along with the free Adobe Reader plugin. Please see the system requirements.

Practice Exams
(Note: Each exam will open in a new window or tab. Return to this page to try the exam again, or to try a different exam.)

Review Courses

The Department of Mathematics offers three one-credit review courses. If you have taken a particular math course before, but you find that you have forgotten some of the material, then one of these courses may provide the review that you need to pass the placement exam.

If you are unable to enroll in one of the above courses, then you may instead complete a self-paced algebra review course on your own time.